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Technology Support Request

Technology at NSISD

Our school district prides itself on being a leader in technology integration.  Please browse the contents of this page for information and documentation relative to our efforts.  

The district has successfully implemented and supports several technology-related initiatives, including programs funded by the Rural Technology Grant, Vision 2020 Grant, and the Algebra Readiness Grant.  Students in grades 6 - 12 have access to laptops.  We offer online classes for college and/or high school credit.  Our Elementary has over 50 iPads that are integrated into daily instruction.

New Summerfield ISD Obsolescence Plan

Obsolete items will be donated to charities, auctioned to bidders, or disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. Approximately ¼ of all district technology resources will be on the last year of the cycle at any given time. All resources will be appropriately documented in New Summerfield ISD inventory system.

Student-Safe Email

New Summerfield students in grades 7-12 who have been given parental permission for email will be issued an account with Google Mail.  Messages with inappropriate words are automatically sent to the administrators account.  This allows the administrator to deal with issues involving inappropriate content.

Content Filtering

The district utilizes Lightspeed's TTC Rocket for web content filtering.  This product offers CIPA-compliant filtering based on a comprehensive education-specific database and granularly customizable policies; teachers and students have access to the sites and tools that enhance education.

Your Online Reputation

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