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House Bill 3693

House Bill 3693, Section 12 amends Section 388.005 Health and Safety Code, to require school districts and state agencies to establish a goal to reduce annual electric consumption by 5 percent each state fiscal year for six years, begining September 1, 2007. School districts and state agencies not meeting the goals are reuired to report that all available measures had been implemented. School districts and state agencies are required to use Sttate Enery Conservation Office (SECO) forms to report progress on meeeting goals. Link to SECO:  SECO.

Action required Beginning 2007 - 2008 School Year:

School districts and TEA are required to establish a goal to reduce electric consumption by five percent each state fisical year for six years beginning September 1, 2007; school districts and TEA are required to begin purchasing commercially light bulbs using the fewest watts necessary for instructional facility lighting requirements and school districts are required to record electricity, water and natural gas consumption in an electronic repository and reirt this information on a publicly accessible internet website with an interface designed for ease of navigations (requires the metered amount of electricity, water, or natural gas consumend for which it is responcilble to pay and the aggregate cost for those utility services - FASRAG Link to FAR Guide:  FAR

 Utility Usage Worksheet