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Agricultural Advocacy 



Ag Communications



Agricultural Issues Forum 



Ag Mechanics



Greenhand/Senior Chapter Conducting 






Green/hand/Senior Creed Speaking



Farm Business Management 



Greenhand FFA Quiz






Chapter Agricultural Quiz






FFA Broadcasting






Job Interview






Public relations 






Greenhand/Senior Agricultural Skill Demonstration 



Milk Quality












Tractor Technician




Veterinary Science


Career Development Events build on what is learned in agricultural classes and encourage members to put their knowledge into practice. These events are designed to help a member prepare for a career in agriculture by testing and challenging the student's technical, leadership, interpersonal and teamwork skills as well as their knowledge of the subject matter. CDEs answer the question, "When will I use this knowledge in the real world?"

Many CDEs are qualifying events for the National FFA CDE competition and/or offer scholarship opportunities.

Leadership Development Events focus on creating situations for members to demonstrate their abilities in public speaking, decision making, communication and their knowledge of agriculture and the FFA organization. Team and individual events are used to reinforce what is taught in agricultural science classrooms.

All LDE events have elimination rounds at the district and area before the state level competition. Please refer to your district and area calendars for competition dates.