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Public Information Request PIA

Public Information Act - Open Records (PIA) Requests Procedures

Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code, also known as the Public Information Act (PIA), gives the public the right to access certain government records, including records that pertain to the operation of New Summerfield ISD. The PIA also establishes procedures that governmental bodies must follow when responding to open records requests. Our goal is to handle your request accurately and as efficiently as possible.

In compliance with the Texas Public Information Act, if the records cannot be produced within ten (10) business days, the Records Management Officer will notify the requestor in writing of the reasonable date and time when it will be available.

How to Make an Open Records (PIA) Request
The following tips may help you make a successful request:

  • Your request must be in writing.

  • Include your complete contact information, especially an e-mail address if you have one.

  • Describe the documents, records, or data. Note: We ask that your request be specific and include date ranges, if possible. We will work with you to clarify and narrow your request so that we can locate the records you are seeking. Be clear and concise.   We are not allowed to ask you why you want the information. However, we may ask you to clarify your request if we are uncertain as to what you want, and we may discuss with you how the scope of your request may be narrowed if your request is broad or for a large amount of information.

  • To expedite our response to your request, you may ask us to redact confidential information.

  • Your request should be for documents, records, or other data that is already in existence.

  • The PIA does not require us to answer questions, perform legal research, or comply with a continuing request to supply information on a periodic basis or information as they are prepared in the future.

  • By law, a request is considered to be received during regular business hours (between 8 AM - 5 PM) on a regular business day (not a state or federal holiday, school holiday, closure or skeleton crew day).

  • You must send your request to the e-mail address, by mail, or in person (as designated below) for it to be treated as a proper PIA request. Requests not sent to the e-mail address, by mail, or in person (as designated below) may not be responded to.  We ask that you address your request to the Public Information Officer. Otherwise, your request will be treated as general correspondence under Public Schools procedures.

How to Submit a PIA Request
By E-mail: E-mail your request to

By Mail: New Summerfield ISD, PO Box 6, New Summerfield, TX 75780

Or In person: New Summerfield ISD, 13307 Hwy 110 S, New Summerfield, TX 75780