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    March 16th-27th

    Weeks A & B

    Learning about the Coronavirus

    "The Yucky Bug" by Julia Cook


    Remember to cover your cough with your elbow, wash your hands, and stay home. We want you to stay as safe as ossible and staying home limits the germs you can pick up.  



    March 30th- April 9th

    Weeks A & B

    Learning about ways to control stress and anxiety

    "Managing Stress" by Brainsmart


    What are some things you do to control your stress? Some good ideas are drinking ice cold water, taking a hot shower, going outside, exercising, doing deep controlled breathing, taking a nap, or eating a snack.



    April 13th- April 24th

    Weeks A & B

    Things to do to encourage mental well being

    "In My Heart: A Book of Feelings" by Jo Witek


    How are you feeling today? Draw a picture and write a paragraph about how you are feeling. Practice some breathing techniques, do some yoga, or go for a walk to help you feel better.  Think about the last time you ate, drank some water, or slept. Simple basic needs have a lot to do with how you are feeling and what type of mood you are in. 



    April 27th- May 8th

    Weeks A & B

    Dealing With Sibling Rivalry 

    "I Want to be the Only Dog" by Julia Cook





    May 11th- May 22nd

    Weeks A & B

    Focusing on the good stuff and keeping that growth mindset

    Class Dojo's Growth Mindset Series

    Episode One


    Episode Two


    Episode Three


    Episode Four


    Episode Five