• CNA Class

    In addition to the above nursing duties, I am also a teacher here at New Summerfield. Each school year there will be a class offered for high school seniors who are interested in  becoming a certified nurse aid. At the end of the course the students have the opportunity to take the State exam to become a certified nurse aid (CNA). This course helps these students have a skill upon leaving high school to put on their resume and help them gain an entry level job into the medical field.

    Additional teaching that these students will receive are health care provider level CPR, First Aid, and how to use an AED. These students will receive hands-on training at a long term care facility prior to taking the State exam.


    Pharmacy Technician Class

    A group of high school Seniors are currently taking a Pharmacy Technician class. Upon completion of this class and graduating from high school, these students will have the option of taking the PTCE (Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam) that will allow them to become certified as a Pharmacy Tech. Students in this class are learning how to identify medications by brand name and generic name, safe dosage calculations, how to inventory and stock medications in a pharmacy, classifications of medications, proper handling and storage of medications, etc. These students will participate in projects including hands-on experience with prescription labels, a guided rotation through a local pharmacy, and keeping up with current events pertaining to pharmacy.

    Being a Pharmacy Technician can be quite challenging. The job involves more than just putting pills in bottles and typing up labels. Some subjects these students will need to know include: Math, Accounting, The Metric System, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry and Psychology. A variety of technical skills are also needed including: Manual dexterity, Time Management, and Communication.