• Website for applying to colleges:

    https://www.applytexas.org- apply to any university, college or school in Texas. Also has a link to apply for scholarships and upload essays. 
     Websites that can help with financial aid:

    www.finaid.org – links to: scholarships, grants, loans, graduate aid
    www.niche.com- college/major search, scholarship links 
    www.scholarshipowl.com- Scholarship applications that are sent straight to your email 

    ·         www.studentaid.ed.gov – information from the U.S. Department of Education on preparing for and funding education beyond high school

    ·         www.collegeaffordabilityguide.org – this site’s mission is to provide clear, correct info and advice on the many options students have to reduce the cost of their degree, and to offer a fresh analysis of which colleges are doing the most to make high-quality education affordable

    www.texastuitionpromisefund.com- This site helps families prepare for the cost of college. Through this program, families can start as young as one year old setting aside money for college. 

     http://www.onlinecolleges.net/for-students/financial-aid-hispanic-students/- This website has lots of information about finding a good college, applying for college, what you need to know to prepare your student for college, and financial options for paying for college. 



    Websites that help with finding scholarships:


    ·         www.fastweb.com – create a profile and let fastweb do the research for you-helps with college admissions, scholarships, and other college resources

    ·         www.myscholly.com – mobile app that provides students with a fast and simple way to find scholarships for college

    ·         www.cashcourse.org – information for college students to stay financially informed

    ·         www.cksf.org – educational & scholarship opportunities for students of all levels

    ·         www.scholarships.com – free college scholarship search and financial aid information

    ·         www.scholarshipamerica.org – provides information and resources for your scholarship search

    ·         www.latinocollegedollars.org – scholarship information for Latino students

    ·         www.dellscholars.org – Dell Scholars Program recognizes academic potential and determination in students that have a definite need for financial assistance

    www.scholarshipacademy.org – offers curriculum to help students identify tailored scholarship options and build solid scholarship profile